Must Love Dogs by Claire Cook

I read this book as a quick read when book club was only a week away and I would be getting a new book to read. I wanted something quick and light to read, so I looked through all of my free Kindle books that I downloaded a long time ago and came across this one.

I guess the only plot of this book is about a newly divorced, grown woman that is being teased by her siblings and her dad (that after his wife died, as been dating like a college boy) about getting back into the dating world via the newspaper columns for singles. The book just goes through a collection of dates and awkward situations she is put in while reluctantly starting to date after her husband left her mixed in with family drama here and there.

Basically, if you just read a really long and trauma filled book, read this to cleanse your palette before moving onto any heavy reading. I thought the title sounded familiar as a newer movie title and lo and behold it is. I really have no interest in watching it though 🙂 The book wasn’t THAT great, just a quick and easy read.


PS- as of 10/5/12, it is still free on Amazon Kindle


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