Scissor Time

So after getting our big box of school supplies in the mail, I decided to start with learning how to use scissors. I also waited until little brother was down for nap to get scissors within 10 yards of big brother.

First I let him pick out three colors of paper he wanted to work with.

He chose orange, green and blue. Good practice of our colors as we went through the paper. He knows orange really well because it’s his favorite color, but any other color when I ask him what it is, he doesn’t even look at what I am pointing at and he just rattles off a random color.

So at first I gave him a sheet of it and basically was like, “Okay dude. Go to town” but it was very anticlimactic because he was just snipping lines into the paper and nothing was coming off. He also was having trouble holding the big piece of paper and figuring out the scissors at the same time. Listen folks, I went to college for grades 7-12 math, I know nothing about little kids and learning. I knew that Teach Preschool had a blog post about their paper station on the first day of preschool, so I looked it up and realized that she had cut the paper into strips so that kids can cut off chunks of paper in one pass. Duh!

Ok, so now he really got to cutting and I grabbed an orange tray from our set to collect all the pieces. Now, both of my boys 99% of the time use their left hand to eat (with or without a utensil) so I was kind of wondering how this would go.

As you can see, he just went back and forth between right and left hand. He never really settled on a hand to use. Word on the street is that it will take a little while longer to discover hand dominance. I really have no idea.

Once he got the hang of it, it cut up all the paper I had given him and we called it a day. The tray was really nice because if we didn’t have it, he would have not cared at all about paper falling all over the bench and the floor but because he had a defined work space, anytime a piece fell, he picked it up and put it on his tray. I didn’t even need to tell him to do this. When he was done we put all the pieces in a ziploc bag so that we can practice gluing next.


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