Weeks 1 & 2

First week of my plan from my trainer was absolute hell. The only way for me to describe it is when I’m running and I’m nearing the end of my mileage for that run and I have to say to myself, “Just two more miles, just two more miles. You can do it!” or “Just one foot in front of the other. Just one foot in front of the other”. I’ve never had to do this when it comes to lifting. At least not in this extreme where I really want to quit but I know I *should* finish. It’s easy to do that when the only person you are reporting to is yourself. I had to say to myself A LOT, “I can’t do this….seriously…my <insert any muscle group here> are going to fall off”. Don’t underestimate what only 4-5 exercises can do to ones body in a strength training workout. My first leg day I didn’t think I was going to be able to drive home. I certainly could not walk correctly for the days after. And this goes for all of my workouts that week. I. Hurt. Bad. I never ran that week. Even when my legs felt fine (which never really happened), my arms hurt too much to swing them.

As far as nutrition went, I ate a lot of food. My body needed it to recover. I ate a lot of carbs and a lot of fat and quite a bit of protein. I’m waiting for MGN to restock on muscleandstrength.com but they seem to not be well informed with dates of shipment because almost 2 months ago I asked and they said, “two weeks to ten days” and then I asked three weeks later and it was “within the week” and now it’s been 2.5 more weeks and still out of stock. Anyway, I lost 4 pounds and my size 6 pants from college fit again. They have fit me three times since college. Pregnant with #!, pregnant with #2, at the end of marathon training and this week. I log my food on sparkpeople.com. They have a huge database and it’s easy to enter something if it’s not on there. Also, you can do a recipe count too. Just put in the ingredients and put number of servings and it tells you the macros. I had an issue the first 4-5 days about not eating enough the first half of the day and then logging my stuff after dinner and going, “Ummm…I have 500 extra calories….” so I’ve been eating bigger breakfasts and lunches now. I really have to set a timer at 3 hours because my household is so out of control that I really lose track of time. If I’m hungry at 2 hours or 2.5 hours, I just eat then but 90% of the time I forget about it. This has really curbed me from binge eating right before dinner every night or eating waaaaaaay too much during dinner.


During week 2, my muscles were kind of expecting the same beating again so they were more prepared. I was still sore. Still had to talk myself through a few sets but nothing like week 1. If it was easy, then I moved my weights up. I also got food poisoning during the week and then at the end of the week, I was grocery shopping with the family (for the first time in a year I think) and I about passed out in the produce section and threw up in the bathroom. I have no idea what that was all about. So I went two days of pretty much not being able to eat and then two days of pretty much eating whatever I saw because I was so hungry. My weight hasn’t changed at all, makes sense. I wouldn’t have even been surprised if I had gained weight. Either way, I’m not too worried about my weight, just my gains in strength and loss of inches, which I promised my trainer I would not measure myself for 10 weeks.


I’m glad to see where my starting point is (not strong AT ALL) so I can start to improve from there. This is pretty much rock bottom for me. Pretty sure 80 year old women are stronger than me 🙂


A New Start!!

Sorry, I haven’t been posting lately (read: at all) and it’s probably because I was simply trying to do too many things at once. Now summer is over and my favorite season is here. I have taken my to-do list and checked off the necessary stuff and then tore the rest of the list to shreds…and man do I feel so much better! We are on the brink of moving again so why in the world was I even thinking about putting curtains up or hanging more photos? I am now learning to embrace our white walled rental for just a little while longer.


My exciting news is that I am now training under Katherine Welch!!! Words cannot describe how excited I am! Someone to keep me on track and to push me when I feel like “okay” is enough. I had to take my dreaded “before” photos and send them to her…yikes! She warned me not to try on that bikini again or look at those photos, trust me, I hope to never look at those photos again. No worries there.

The only thing that is currently cramping my style is that literally the day after I finally made the leap to hire KDub, I got sick. I.Never.Get.Sick. Not only did I get sick, it’s deciding to linger. I wake up in the morning feeling like crap, so I think, “I’ll hit the gym tonight” and then 7 pm rolls around and I’m dead to the world. My husband puts the kids to bed at 8 and I’m already in bed with a roll of toilet paper and a bag of cough drops. Even standing outside with the neighbors while we watch our kids ride their bikes makes me feel like I’m going to pass out and that my throat is on fire.

The ONE good thing about being sick is my lack of appetite, so when 3 hours go by I stop and take time to make good choices about what to eat and I have a normal serving size.

I have also done a very good job the past month making a weekly calendar for family meals, so now that I’m committed and it’s become a habit, I think I can handle getting back to posting recipes since I’m back to tracking all of my meals, everyday.  I have also gotten over my guilt of throwing away egg yolks. I used to just feed my boys the yolks because I’d have piles of them in the fridge but they really need the whites and the yolks, so yesterday I actually put size yolks down the garbage disposal and I didn’t even feel bad…okay…maybe I cringed a little. Did I mention I hate wasting food?


Today I’m also finally going to be getting a 45 lb box of kids art and school supplies so I can finally get P rolling on his home preschool!! I’m so excited. More activities for him, the less time he has to make me go crazy during the day. My hope is to post our activities and the such on here as well.


So anyway, starting next week, I hope to be more active on here and to report out on my new strength training pursuit! I know I’m in GREAT hands!

I’ve learned a few things

…in the past 5.5 weeks.

  • Most people do not know how important diet is in order to lose fat. It’s 80% of it, if not more. Exercise is just the icing on the cake…..or the peanut butter on the celery 😉 There are a few woman that are very lean and strong that I have noticed that work out at the same time as I do. I’ve taken the liberty to one by one ask them (in the locker room….no time for small talk out on the floor) what their diet looks like. Lean sources of protein, carbs from whole grains and fruit and as many veggies as their heart desires. How much do they workout? It varies from 3-6 days a week. How much cardio? It varied from NONE to A LOT. The ladies that answered, “none” said it was simply because it isn’t part of their desired goal. They don’t have a passion to go for a 5 mile run, they instead of a goal of power versus endurance. The lady (because there was only one) that does A LOT of cardio is a marathon runner, imagine that! It’s part of her goal and she LIKES DOING IT. She also knew the importance of needing to be strong, not only in her legs but her entire body in order to do a lot of endurance training. Out of all women I’ve talked to, one is a grandmother of 5 and six have multiple young kids. Which leads me to my next point….
  • People (women) assume that because you are in shape, you don’t have kids. About every other week I have some older female say to me, “Oh enjoy it while you can! Wait until you have kids!”. Really? Because I have two already. I’m not sure why women think that kids is an excuse, because it’s not.
  • You need to set yourself up for success. My mother-in-law says this all the time regarding the boys. Don’t want the kids to crack the eggs against the wall? DON’T PUT THE EGGS WHERE THEY CAN’T REACH THEM! Duh. Stupid me….I mean…that’s never happen to me….errrr. Anyway, plan ahead. I always get caught up on lunch and you just grab some crap food or go through the drive thru? Or possibly worse, SKIP IT???!! Make a day to make your lunches ahead of time. Grill some chicken, roast some sweet potatoes and green beans and put it into 7 containers. Put two in the fridge and 5 in the freezer. There, the hard part is done! No thinking required and as a stay at home mom, I love that 🙂 Also, don’t bring crap food into your house and if it’s currently in your house, kiss it and throw it away. Nothing tastes as good as having the body you want. I wouldn’t bring home a slew of Thomas the Trains, put them in the toy chest and then say to the boys, “No, DON’T TOUCH THEM!”. See how stupid that sounds? Set yourself up for success.
  • “Just as exercising too much can hamper your progress, so can not eating enough”
  • When you fall off the train, don’t give up. Start over THE NEXT MEAL. You know what’s worse than having a slice of pizza? Have TWO slices of pizza. You know whats worse than having TWO slices of pizza? Have a liter of ice cream afterwards. See! Now having the ONE slice doesn’t seem so bad if you get back ON the train instead of falling further off of it. This is my hardest thing and I’m still working on it. The, “well might as well eat as much garbage as I can since I already ruined it with this one 70 calorie pack of fruit snacks so let’s eat another 1000 calories that’s not on my meal plan” type of attitude. See how stupid that sounds? Don’t wait until the next day to start over, just pick yourself up at the next meal. Don’t throw away the whole day.
  • Giving up too soon. I bet if you would have held on just another couple of days, you would have lost that 1 pounds or 1 inch or could zip up those jeans or drop 30 seconds on your mile time or done 1 more rep. Consistency is key….which leads me to my last point.
  • People that are negative towards your healthy lifestyle change are dealing with their own issues. Don’t mind them. You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones who say, “You’re addicted to the gym” or “Why are you on a diet? You’re so skinny!” or “Well…I’m just so busy I don’t have time” (ok, side rant, no one has time. I don’t have time. I make time. Right, that’s what mom’s do. They make things happen. I get up at 4:15 am to go the gym because that’s the only time I have. Or I stay up 20 minutes later to make my snacks/meals for the next day. Side rant over). Just don’t worry about those people. Unless you are hitting up the gym for hours on end, everyday and eating 800 calories a day, you don’t have issues. They do and it typically starts with a little word that starts with a “j”.  You’re not addicted, you are committed. And can I just brag for a moment? I have gone from 35 pounds on leg extensions (12 reps, 3 sets) to 115 pounds (8 reps, 3 sets) in under 6 weeks. I also have pretty much no knee pain while running anymore either, which means I have finally strengthened my quads so my knee crap tracks properly. It used to hurt within the first 100 yards and now I’ve gone 4 miles with no pain. I’m so excited to just keep progressing forward and becoming stronger!

I’m not perfect and I needed to rant about remind myself of these “ah-ha!” moments I’ve had and I hope they help other people too! Happy Wednesday 🙂

Daily Wrap Up (3/10/12)

Well tomorrow marks the day I will grab the day’s paper, put on a dark colored bikini and smile for the camera!! I’m going to register for MusclePharm’s 12 week transformation challenge tomorrow and then the count down is 85 days, so June 3rd marks the end.

I’ve add two new supplements to my diet. One being Amino Energy by Optimum Nutrition. I took two servings before spin today (20 minutes before) and I was jacked up about 10 minutes in. I think the caffeine really got to me, so I’ll back down to 1 serving tomorrow but I think it will help during my weekday workouts at 4:30 am and then spin at 5:45. I got grape flavored and it tastes really good…but I’m weird and like the taste of grape medicine and this is exactly what it tastes like. Today I took a high intensity 60 minute spin class with my favorite instructor. I came straight home afterwards because Peter is extremely sick and my husband had an eye doctor appointment.

The other is Casein by Optimum Nutrition. A slower absorbing protein that I’ll take as my bed time snack. I have a real issue with waking up 3-10+ times a night and just eating. I think this will help with me trying to break my automatic habit of just getting up and eating every time I wake up. I remember last night I got up and walked to the doorway of our bedroom and talked myself back into bed. It is a really REALLY bad habit I have. Some nights I consume the upwards of 1500 calories during my night wakings. Getting up at 4:13 am and not taking a nap has helped me literally pass out by 10 pm every night and never wake up until my alarm.

Today I think I ate about 10-12 times. Every meal is always interrupted by something or my serving size is HUGE and I put it in the fridge and eat it an hour later when I’m hungry again. My breakfast today became lunch and my dinner became part of my bed time snack.

So tomorrow you can look for my “Week 1” photos….if I get brave enough to post them!!!!

Daily Wrap Up

Monday and Tuesday morning when my alarm went off at 4:13 am, I turned it off and both times woke up 15 minutes later wide awake and ready to go. No such luck today! I turned it off and I woke up at 5:05. I still could have easily made it to morning spin but I used that as an excuse reason to not get up. I hate being late, even if I’m late for my own workout. However, I did go to spin at 6:45 pm tonight after dinner and man was the instructor good. We did 32 sprints and 20 hills. I know it’s good when you finish a sprint at a high resistance and her voice is what is keeping you from stopping. I was so focused but that last sprint I came out of my face was tingling and I thought I might puke, that in my book was a good push. I’ve learned at this point where my “puking point” is and I go past it on race day. Ask anyone that has met me at a finish line 🙂

Nutrition today was a little weak, not as much protein as I would have liked but hey, it’s better than my 30 grams a day previous self. I also DID get up in the middle of the night and eat 3 graham crackers and 1 package of all natural (as if that makes it any better) fruit snacks. I did stay within my happy place everywhere else though today. I DID skip lifting. It will happen bright and early tomorrow morning, promise! Evening lifts just aren’t quality for me. At 7:30 pm the gym is packed, and especially the free weights with people that can lift 10x their body weight (ok joking, but you get the point) and it just makes me feel….well….small. So i stay away from that area. However, at 4:30 am, it’s a whole different ball game. You wanna know who’s at the gym with me in the 8,000 sqft LA Fitness???? Me and old men! Yes!!! And MAYBE one of them makes their way to the free weights, MAYBE. Probably because they’re intimidated 🙂 hahaha! Since we are on “who’s at the gym”, you know who makes me giggle a little at the gym? High school boys with their dad’s tellin’ ’em what to do. LOVE IT! I’m not sure why, but it just makes me smile as I walk by.

Daily Wrap Up

Today was a little bit of a bust on calories but before I started consciously trying to get protein into my diet I would have about 30 grams a day. Now I’m usually well over 160, yesterday was nearly 200! I also waited way too long for my afternoon snack, which I felt my “before dinner ravaging hunger” kick in at about 5.  I originally put 6 oz of grilled chicken on my plate but I absolutely could not finish it and I even pondered skipping my bedtime snack but I am sitting here shoving down a Chobani yogurt 🙂 The last two nights I have slept through the night for the first time in almost 3 years and I’m talking laying in bed for 4-5 hours before falling asleep and then waking up ever 20 minutes and eating everything I daydreamed about eating. Never waking up means I don’t eat 3+ times in a night. Not going to lie, two weeks ago I polished off an entire….ENTIRE…can of vanilla frosting. YIKES!

The past two days when my alarm has gone off at 4:13 am I am ready to go workout. Today was legs (squats, lunges, press, extensions, abductions, adductions, ect) followed by a 50 minute spin class with my favorite instructor, Mary, at 5:45. You know it was a good day when my legs shake as I take every step down the stairs from class.

Here is a breakdown of what I ate today (but switch breakfast and postworkout…well it doesn’t really matter, I ate them both at the same time)