Confession Corner

Here is a collaboration of my daily confessions that I will be adding to probably daily because I cannot get these thoughts out of my head. Remember, this is a judgement free zone! If you frequent this page, I’ll do a favor and highlight the newest additions in red as I add to this.

  • I’ve spent the last 3 years trying to be really good at something competitive again and given up A LOT
  • Some days when I’m really tired, my 3 year old will wake up at 8 and I’ll just have him snuggle in with me and watch the iPad while I sleep until 10…or until little brother wakes up.
  • I have tried numerous times to be high maintenance and I just don’t have the time for it. Where does everyone get this time to be high maintenance anyway?
  • I look over my shoulder every time I switch lanes even though my car is equipped with a blind spot safety thingy
  • I get really frustrated with people that do not re-rack their weights at the squat rack. I don’t have time to stalk the area to see if anyone is actually using the rack before I unload your 10 thousand pounds.
  • As I walk past other treadmills to find an empty one, I check out everyone’s speed and incline and think to myself when someone is at 0% incline, “Must be easy running downhill”
  • I when I see someone that is totally covered in sweat (usually at the gym) I get jealous because no matter how hard I push myself, I do not sweat anywhere other than my feet, gross
  • Making mom friends is harder than you’d expect. It’s not like college where you are drunk one night and randomly meet this girl and the next second she is your lookout while you pee on the side of the road = best friends for life. Finding true mom friends is waiting for that moment where she randomly says to you in all seriousness, “I can absolutely see why a stay at home mom would be an alcoholic. I don’t blame them. Here, want a glass of wine?” = best mom friends for life.
  • If I was given a $500 shopping spree, I would easily spend $300 of it on sports bras
  • I rarely spend any money (other than gas and groceries) and to curb my spending addiction I put stuff in my cart and walk around Costco totally convincing myself I’m going to buy it and then put it back before check out. Costco is a love-hate relationship
  • I have a terrible sleep eating habit that has been going on for the past 3 years and it’s the most discouraging and frustrating thing ever
  • I am terrible at getting stuff in the mail

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