Preschool Supplies

I had a full online cart of preschool stuff that I started probably over a month ago to start doing home preschooling with my 3 year old (and with my 19 month old).

So everything is from Discount School Supply. Free shipping with purchases over $79 and their prices are really low and they have a great selection. I didn’t want to be buying stuff from all over and paying shipping 8 different times from 8 different online stores. So this is our goodies from our preschool supply haul! (I was going to call it “loot” but then I realized this stuff wasn’t found or stolen…)

So what we have here is:

  • 4 bottles of liquid water colors
  • 4 bottles of tempera paint
  • 2 packages of markers
  • 1 big bag of pipe cleaners
  • 12 pack of colored trays (for color sorting and giving the boys their own tray of stuff…hoping it keeps down the fighting and taking)
  • 12 pack of big handled brushes
  • 8 glue wand thingy’s (I’m going to experiment with glue and how it is most easily used by my big guy)
  • 1 bottle of Elmer’s glue
  • 500 pages of recycled easel paper
  • 1 pack of googly eyes (random…but a must-have!)
  • 1 pack of colored feathers
  • 2 washable paint smocks
  • 1 pack magnetic counter chips
  • 2 sets of paint cups
  • 2 pairs of blunt end kid scissors
  • 1 pack of blank leaf cutouts from watercolor paper (’tis the season!)
  • 1 pack jeweled alphabet pieces (like for a light table)
  • 5 packages of massive sized construction paper (white, brown, black, purple, green, blue, yellow, pink, red and orange in each)

I totally recommend ordering from DSS, the stuff ships from San Fran so I ordered it on Friday and it was here on Tuesday, pretty quick considering shipping was free!


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