Shredded Chicken Tip

I feel like when I learn new kitchen tricks and I try to pass them onto friends that I slowly find out that I’m always the last to know about these tricks. So please excuse this tip if I am, indeed, the last to know.

I hate shredding chicken (or any meat for that matter), which is why I think I avoid it at all cost. Recipe calls for shredded? We get it cut in strips or small chunks. My good friend and I were canning up a storm and somehow we got onto the subject of shredded meat, you know, regular topic of conversation, right? And she told me of this trick! Look!!

Put it in your kitchenaid mixer (or any stand mixer) and use the regular mixing paddle (not the wisk and not the dough hook) and turn it on low. WHAT?!?! HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS??? I was even skeptical to tell you the truth.

So tonight I poached 1 {large} chicken breast cut into two. I cheat and use a digital read out thermometer that has every meat known to man kind programmed on it whenever I cook any type of meat whether poaching, baking or grilling. There is nothing I hate more than dry and tough meat.

After about 25 minutes the chicken was done and I took the two medium sized chicken breasts and threw them into my 6 quart bowl. I honestly thought the two pieces were just going to play cat and mouse with each other as the paddle just pushes them around the bowl. That happens for about the first 5-7 seconds and then a piece of the breast will get caught between the paddle and the bowl and then VOILA! It’s just a chain reaction from there and within about 45 seconds to 1 minute you have perfectly shredded chicken.

Enjoy and your shoulders and sanity will thank you for no longer using the two-fork method 🙂


Local & Organic Honey


Can I just brag about this sweeeeeeeet deal one of my friends got a bunch of us??? I want to say there was at least 10 gallons of this waiting for us at mom’s group on Tuesday. This is 1 gallon of unfiltered, unpasteurized, local & organic honey. You might want to sit down before I tell you how much I paid for this bad boy. If you went to a local farmers market and bought it little by little in a small bottle it would be about $100 by the end of the season. Originally, it was $40 for the gallon, I was game at that price but she ended up having so many people order it that we got it down to $30/gallon. Yes, $30 for the entire gallon of golden yummy goodness. For real.



If you are in the Vancouver area, I (obviously) didn’t block out the phone number, but this is where my friend got the honey from! Most likely will be going to get some more before summer is over 🙂

Attention Sweet Potato Haters!

I was once you…actually…a month ago I was you! Ask my mom, I wouldn’t come any where close to a sweet potato! But I decided to roast them with some spices because one night we went out to eat at a Brewery in downtown Portland and they had these awesome spicy paprika fries! So good! And a lot of people love sweet potato fries but don’t like sweet potatoes. So here is my spice line up:

Salt, pepper, olive oil, cajun spice, garlic powder and paprika

Peel and cut up however many sweet potatoes into about 1 to 1/2 inch chunks. I only use olive oil to get everything to stick to the potatoes. For three sweet potatoes I use about 1-2 TEASPOONS of olive oil, barely any at all. I wish I had measurements but I don’t so be brave and just start shaking stuff on there 🙂 I’d like them spicier but my little one loves these so much so I only put 2 shakes of cajun on there but feel free to go to town with the paprika!

Put it all in a bowl and toss with your hands or a spoon

Then dump ’em on a cookie sheet (I like to line with foil because I baby my bakeware) and roast at 425 for 25 minutes.

We have sweet potatoes every 3-4 nights and this is the only way I have yet to make them and there is never any leftover either 🙂

Laughing Cow Cheese

Chyeah! Honestly I thought these were 45 calories per wedge until I uploaded the photos into the side by side frame, score! They are 35! Even better! This is another mayo addicts alternative choice as well as an alternative for cheese.

I put this on toast and top it with two over easy eggs, sandwiches, wraps and in celery. I actually prefer this in celery instead of peanut butter. Weird because I love peanut butter! I know they come in other flavors but they aren’t light. I think light is just creamy swiss, I’ll lave to look around some more. I got a stack of 5 of these at….well…Costco, how’d you guess?? They also keep in the fridge FOREVER. I’ve bought these for a while but it’s not until recently that I started going through a package of them in a week.

Jalapeno Greek Yogurt

If you are a mayo addict like myself, this is an AWESOME grab at Costco to ween you off your dependency on mayo, full fat sour cream dips and creamy dressings.

As you can see, my container is empty 😦 It is full fat greek yogurt, but it surely a WAY better choice than mayo! All of the ingredients are listed on the back and you can pronounce them and I have them all in my kitchen so I could go and make it with non-fat but it would take a lot of testing for me to get it right. I only use 1 or 2 Tbsp anyway. I use this for a veggie dip, on sandwiches, eggs, burgers, salads,  you name it. I eat the whole container in a week. You could also mix it with equal parts non fat Greek yogurt because the flavor is quite powerful. I might try that this week and get back to you on it.

**Edit** I’m not sure how I forgot this but I use this the most on hard boiled eggs, either with or without the yolks. If I’m feeling super crazy, I’ll whip up the yolks with some of this and make deviled eggs!