Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky


Hmmm….what can I say about this book? Well, we picked it (I actually suggested it…not sure if I still stand behind my suggestion) for our bookclub because we wanted something easy, light and not depressing to read. The book is in a narrative form of letters from the weird main character (Charlie) to someone random that he knows but doesn’t want to give away his identity to this person because they might be able to figure out who he is. So the letter writing technique takes a few minutes to get used to.

To be honest, 99% of the book I was wondering if this whole story was going to have a point to it, or if it’s just going to be letters from a teenaged, high school wallflower. It does have a point to it but you’ll have to wait until the last two letters. It ended up being a depressing book once you read those last two letters though….so now I’ll have to apologize to my bookclub tonight, whoops!

It’s a very quick and easy read, took me about 3 nights to finish it and I’m a terrible reader. It’s only 175 pages so it’s a quick book to read if you are waiting for a book on hold at the library but I’m not sure if I’d recommend it as a “Yes! You HAVE to read this book!”.


Anyway, I’m already halfway through Still Alice by Lisa Genova, which I’m already thinking I would highly recommend.


The Midwife’s Confession

The Midwife’s Confession by Diane Chamberlain is one heck of a messed up book. It’s nothing like sci-fi crazy or anything, it just is really messed up. Pretty much the only thing I can tell you about the book is that the midwife’s name is Noelle. If I told you anything else, I’d either be ruining the book or telling you a lie. And let’s get something straight, she has WAY MORE than one confession!

The book was recommended by a group of friends that all liked the book, probably not for what happens but because it’s a page turner. This is not a feel good book but I’m pretty sure it’s fiction. The book is not about the deliveries or stuff that happens during deliveries, it really has nothing to do with that. The book could have been written, “The Librarian’s Confession” and still had the same storyline so if the “midwife” is keeping you from reading it, don’t let you. It has nothing to do with home birth’s or anything like that either.

I would only recommend this book to select friends or family. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone that is paranoid, that’s for sure! It’s a dark storyline so if you are looking for a good pick-me-up book, this isn’t the one. I had it sitting on my book list for a long time but it kept coming up in conversation so I finally pushed it ahead of other books to read. It’s just over 400 pages and I read it in 4-5 nights, of which I don’t start reading until about 9 or 10 at night, so it kept me up pretty late because I couldn’t put it down!

Must Love Dogs by Claire Cook

I read this book as a quick read when book club was only a week away and I would be getting a new book to read. I wanted something quick and light to read, so I looked through all of my free Kindle books that I downloaded a long time ago and came across this one.

I guess the only plot of this book is about a newly divorced, grown woman that is being teased by her siblings and her dad (that after his wife died, as been dating like a college boy) about getting back into the dating world via the newspaper columns for singles. The book just goes through a collection of dates and awkward situations she is put in while reluctantly starting to date after her husband left her mixed in with family drama here and there.

Basically, if you just read a really long and trauma filled book, read this to cleanse your palette before moving onto any heavy reading. I thought the title sounded familiar as a newer movie title and lo and behold it is. I really have no interest in watching it though 🙂 The book wasn’t THAT great, just a quick and easy read.


PS- as of 10/5/12, it is still free on Amazon Kindle

Running for My Life: One Lost Boy’s Journey from the Killing Fields of Sudan to the Olympic Games

This starts out a seriously gut wrenching book about a 6 year old boy that is stolen from his family, thrown into the back of a truck with dozens of other children and hauled off to a military rebel training camp. He witnesses things I would never want to witness in my entire lifetime, let alone one of my own having to live through what he did at age six. Lopez Lomong takes his life one day, one hour, one minute at a time. Thanking God at every turn for whatever comes his way, good or bad.

After, miraculously, making his way to a refugee camp, he is offered an experience that only comes once in a lifetime. To go America. At a young age he was entranced by watching the Olympics on a black and white TV hooked up to a car battery, when moments before he didn’t have the slightest clue what the Olympics even were. He set a goal. My goals are generally to take a shower and get through the day with less than 10 time-outs…but this boy set a goal of running in the Olympics, specifically on the US Team. However, this essay he needs to write to determine his future needs to be in English, a language he doesn’t even know. Lopez doesn’t even have a pen or pencil, only sponsored kids get those, so he has been doing his school work in the dirt with a stick. By the grace of God, the letter gets written in literal and choppy English and he is chosen to immigrate into America and placed with a foster family.

From there it is just amazing to watch how grateful he was for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. He went from having nothing to having the world at his fingertips. I couldn’t even imagine what it would be like to never see a light come out of a bulb and then, also, have no idea that there is a switch to turn it on and off, thinking that we American’s must sleep with the light on 🙂 Water coming out of a wall? And you can adjust the temperature? That is something that Lopez never thought ever existed at age 16.

Every turn of the page there was something that made me go “What?! Are you serious?? I could NOT imagine!”. For instance, the fact that he was obsessed with soccer BUT in order to be able to play soccer at the refugee camp you had to be one of the first boys to finish a race around the perimeter of the refugee camp…….WHICH IS E-I-G-H-T-E-E-N MILES. He did this everyday! I’ve hit the 18 mile marker four times in my entire life and I was wearing shoes and an iPod with water and food strapped to my waist. And I sure as hell wasn’t going to play a game of soccer afterwards!


There is so much jaw dropping stuff in this book that I could go on and on about it and I’d never ruin the book for you 🙂 I would totally recommend it to anyone. It would even be a great book for teens to read to see how fortunate they really are.