The Midwife’s Confession

The Midwife’s Confession by Diane Chamberlain is one heck of a messed up book. It’s nothing like sci-fi crazy or anything, it just is really messed up. Pretty much the only thing I can tell you about the book is that the midwife’s name is Noelle. If I told you anything else, I’d either be ruining the book or telling you a lie. And let’s get something straight, she has WAY MORE than one confession!

The book was recommended by a group of friends that all liked the book, probably not for what happens but because it’s a page turner. This is not a feel good book but I’m pretty sure it’s fiction. The book is not about the deliveries or stuff that happens during deliveries, it really has nothing to do with that. The book could have been written, “The Librarian’s Confession” and still had the same storyline so if the “midwife” is keeping you from reading it, don’t let you. It has nothing to do with home birth’s or anything like that either.

I would only recommend this book to select friends or family. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone that is paranoid, that’s for sure! It’s a dark storyline so if you are looking for a good pick-me-up book, this isn’t the one. I had it sitting on my book list for a long time but it kept coming up in conversation so I finally pushed it ahead of other books to read. It’s just over 400 pages and I read it in 4-5 nights, of which I don’t start reading until about 9 or 10 at night, so it kept me up pretty late because I couldn’t put it down!


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