Watercolor Leaf Painting

I ordered some watercolor paper leaves from Discount School Supply with my last order for the kids to color for fall. I bought purple, teal, red and yellow liquid watercolors but I’ve never used them before. The first time I mixed the colors with too much water so that when they painted, it was a really really pale color. So when I did a refill, I did about half water and half color and the colors turned out way more vibrant.


When I do watercolors again, I’m going to put a brush in each color so they put it back and pick up a new brush when they want a different color. The first thing Cheech did was mix all of the colors and then Pman copied him, so they quickly had brown paint. I also gave them droppers, which Pman used towards the end and loved using and then was kind of mad when I ran out of leaves. Next time, order two packs. I think there are 24 in a pack.

I mixed the teal and the yellow together to get more of a green. I even ended up giving them purple to use. The leaves turned out pretty but if you are looking for really fall-ish looking leaves, just give your kids red and yellow and it will end up mixed together to make orange. I might end up cutting more leaves out of coffee filters and doing this again….maybe.

The boys also loved wearing their paint smocks for the first time and they washed really well and were less stiff after another washing.


There trays were nice to give each kid their own space to work in and also so when the leaf got wet, it didn’t stick to the paper on the table. The trays needed to be wiped off in between each leaf though or else the left over paint would cover 80% of the new leaf you would put down. I just used one of those blue garage towels, it was the closest thing and it worked really well.


This weekend I would like to go to IKEA and get the wire hangers with clips so I can hang up their artwork (specifically these leaves right now) and then also hang up birthday and holiday cards when we get them in the mail. Our fridge simply isn’t big enough.


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