A New Start!!

Sorry, I haven’t been posting lately (read: at all) and it’s probably because I was simply trying to do too many things at once. Now summer is over and my favorite season is here. I have taken my to-do list and checked off the necessary stuff and then tore the rest of the list to shreds…and man do I feel so much better! We are on the brink of moving again so why in the world was I even thinking about putting curtains up or hanging more photos? I am now learning to embrace our white walled rental for just a little while longer.


My exciting news is that I am now training under Katherine Welch!!! Words cannot describe how excited I am! Someone to keep me on track and to push me when I feel like “okay” is enough. I had to take my dreaded “before” photos and send them to her…yikes! She warned me not to try on that bikini again or look at those photos, trust me, I hope to never look at those photos again. No worries there.

The only thing that is currently cramping my style is that literally the day after I finally made the leap to hire KDub, I got sick. I.Never.Get.Sick. Not only did I get sick, it’s deciding to linger. I wake up in the morning feeling like crap, so I think, “I’ll hit the gym tonight” and then 7 pm rolls around and I’m dead to the world. My husband puts the kids to bed at 8 and I’m already in bed with a roll of toilet paper and a bag of cough drops. Even standing outside with the neighbors while we watch our kids ride their bikes makes me feel like I’m going to pass out and that my throat is on fire.

The ONE good thing about being sick is my lack of appetite, so when 3 hours go by I stop and take time to make good choices about what to eat and I have a normal serving size.

I have also done a very good job the past month making a weekly calendar for family meals, so now that I’m committed and it’s become a habit, I think I can handle getting back to posting recipes since I’m back to tracking all of my meals, everyday.  I have also gotten over my guilt of throwing away egg yolks. I used to just feed my boys the yolks because I’d have piles of them in the fridge but they really need the whites and the yolks, so yesterday I actually put size yolks down the garbage disposal and I didn’t even feel bad…okay…maybe I cringed a little. Did I mention I hate wasting food?


Today I’m also finally going to be getting a 45 lb box of kids art and school supplies so I can finally get P rolling on his home preschool!! I’m so excited. More activities for him, the less time he has to make me go crazy during the day. My hope is to post our activities and the such on here as well.


So anyway, starting next week, I hope to be more active on here and to report out on my new strength training pursuit! I know I’m in GREAT hands!


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