Sugar Free Maple Syrup

So I’ve made it pretty well known I’m a hater of just about all the low calorie (natural and artificial) sweeteners. But one thing I love it sugar free maple syrup and until I took this photo, I had no idea it was made with Splenda, which I try to keep that to a minimum (or not have it at all). Grrrr….I’ve heard that Mrs. Butterworth’s has a good sugar free syrup and it’s pretty thick like normal maple syrup. If I spot it at the store this week, I’ll pick it up and try it out…and I’ll ask her what the sweetener is 🙂

I use it on protein pancakes and in my oatmeal sometimes, well most of the time! It has 10 cals less per serving of my homemade blueberry lemon syrup that I can during the summer. But let’s be honest, I don’t use 1/4 cup of syrup on any thing! That’s a lot!!



3 thoughts on “Sugar Free Maple Syrup

  1. Never quibble on 10 calories, especially when it’s made from blueberries. Lots of nutrition there!! Butterworths is probably nutrisweet. I don’t know of any that uses stevia. Check Whole Foods or Trader Joes.

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