Local & Organic Honey


Can I just brag about this sweeeeeeeet deal one of my friends got a bunch of us??? I want to say there was at least 10 gallons of this waiting for us at mom’s group on Tuesday. This is 1 gallon of unfiltered, unpasteurized, local & organic honey. You might want to sit down before I tell you how much I paid for this bad boy. If you went to a local farmers market and bought it little by little in a small bottle it would be about $100 by the end of the season. Originally, it was $40 for the gallon, I was game at that price but she ended up having so many people order it that we got it down to $30/gallon. Yes, $30 for the entire gallon of golden yummy goodness. For real.



If you are in the Vancouver area, I (obviously) didn’t block out the phone number, but this is where my friend got the honey from! Most likely will be going to get some more before summer is over 🙂


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