30 minutes

That’s how long it took me to put together this meal (which wasn’t even for us, it was for a family we are friends with) from start to finish. I also had 3 boys under the age of 3 and I was the supervising adult. Maybe because I’m a math person, but I like to plan out in my head, or sometimes on paper, the fastest way to do dinner from start to finish. This is how this was done:

  • Roll grill out of the garage and preheat
  • Set oven to 375 degrees
  • While the above are preheating, peel and cube sweet potatoes, toss with spices and spread on a baking sheet
  • Spread herbs for chicken on a large plate and press the chicken onto the herbs
  • By the time the two previous steps are done, both oven and grill are preheated. Put ‘tatoes in the oven, chicken on the grill.
  • Set oven timer for 12 minutes
  • Make cucumber salad
  • *12 minute timer goes off so get off facebook* go flip chicken and take green beans with you to put in the grill basket
  • Reset timer for 12 minutes
  • Check to see if all children are alive and well
  • Chop up mango and strawberries. Make honey laced greek yogurt, dump pour on top
  • *12 minute timer goes off* go get the chicken and green beans and take the sweet potatoes out of the oven

Done! Dessert and dinner is done! See, down to a science. Chicken takes about 10 minutes on each side, sweet potatoes need 25 minutes. Do all the non-cooking stuff AFTER all the cooking stuff is going.


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