My ridiculous arsenal…

…of spices, herbs, flavorings, nuts (whole, chopped, meal, ect), oils, vinegars and baking ingredients. You can’t see back into the cabinet, but that bottom row is 4 rows deep of spices and herbs. All those plastic bags?? Welcome to your new best friend! BULK FOODS! On the shelf, in a pretty glass bottle is a $5-8 quarter cup of an herb or spice, go to a place that sells bulk foods and you pay maybe 50 cents! I bought all the glass spice containers that you see on the lower right from IKEA, it’s $4 I think for 5 containers. I printed out labels on the computer or hand wrote on them when I didn’t have time to print them. Not to mention the entire spice rack on the counter below the cabinet….I have issues or I absolutely hate having to run to the store for a teaspoon of something.

Maybe some day I’ll be brave enough to show my pantry shelf with all of the flours I buy that my husband doesn’t understand why I need ALL of them 🙂 Hey- at least my neighbors know who to text if they need a teaspoon of something 🙂


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