The hardest spin class…

….ever. So I slipped up and fell back asleep yesterday morning when my alarm went off at 4:13 am. So that means I take a spin class at 6:45 pm and lift afterwards. Well, I swear I looked at the schedule to see if either Sarah or Mary was teaching because those are the only two people I like that I’ve had. Sure enough, Sarah. Or so I thought!

So I walk in at 6:35 and there wasn’t an instructor in the room yet but that is typical of Sarah because she usually gets stuck in traffic coming from work. Well I look around and I notice that the room is filling quite quickly and I wasn’t surprised by that. I was more surprised by the fact that I was slowly surrounded by men ages 50-75 with one woman to my right, who was here with her husband that was on the bike to her right. Seriously. There are 35 bikes, 34 not including the instructor so that makes me surrounded by 32 men double (or more) my age. I was beginning to think I was in the wrong place. Usually there are 3-4 men in their 30’s and the rest is women. Was this a private class?

So the woman, Debbi, looks at me and says, “Have you ever taken one of Mike’s classes before?” Mike? Who is Mike? I have seen him on the schedule but it never worked out to have him, especially because he doesn’t instruct any of the 5:45 am classes. So I responded, “No” trying to look as unconfused as possible. I turn around and there is Mike, he is probably 70 and he is retired as I found out later in the class. I’m beginning to think, “Ok, this has a high chance of being lame, maybe I should get on a tredmill” but I stuck around after Debbie says, “Oh my goodness, he is THE BEST”. Really?? Because I thought Mary and Sarah were the best!

Well class started with ACDC “Thunderstruck” and every single man rocking out to it followed by some more singing to Guns N’Roses, Metallica and Def Leppard. The rest of the class was so unbelievably entertaining and not to mention HARD. We had (well they had…because I don’t sweat) the entire floor soaked in sweat and the mirrored walls all around the room fogged up. The last part of the class were standing sprints, which to my surprise was to a Rhianna song and even more surprising, they also knew the words to that song as well. This class no doubt kicked my ass and these grandfather’s are ridiculous! I hope to join them Sunday morning for the 9:15 class, but word on the street is you have to be there by 8:30 to actually get on the sign up sheet. Maybe Mike can help me with my new cycle shoes and trying to clip in for the first time (and reminding me to clip out because I try to get off!)


Mike at LA Fitness in Hazel Dell is where it’s at (and Sarah and Mary!)


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