Laughing Cow Cheese

Chyeah! Honestly I thought these were 45 calories per wedge until I uploaded the photos into the side by side frame, score! They are 35! Even better! This is another mayo addicts alternative choice as well as an alternative for cheese.

I put this on toast and top it with two over easy eggs, sandwiches, wraps and in celery. I actually prefer this in celery instead of peanut butter. Weird because I love peanut butter! I know they come in other flavors but they aren’t light. I think light is just creamy swiss, I’ll lave to look around some more. I got a stack of 5 of these at….well…Costco, how’d you guess?? They also keep in the fridge FOREVER. I’ve bought these for a while but it’s not until recently that I started going through a package of them in a week.


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