Jalapeno Greek Yogurt

If you are a mayo addict like myself, this is an AWESOME grab at Costco to ween you off your dependency on mayo, full fat sour cream dips and creamy dressings.

As you can see, my container is empty 😦 It is full fat greek yogurt, but it surely a WAY better choice than mayo! All of the ingredients are listed on the back and you can pronounce them and I have them all in my kitchen so I could go and make it with non-fat but it would take a lot of testing for me to get it right. I only use 1 or 2 Tbsp anyway. I use this for a veggie dip, on sandwiches, eggs, burgers, salads,  you name it. I eat the whole container in a week. You could also mix it with equal parts non fat Greek yogurt because the flavor is quite powerful. I might try that this week and get back to you on it.

**Edit** I’m not sure how I forgot this but I use this the most on hard boiled eggs, either with or without the yolks. If I’m feeling super crazy, I’ll whip up the yolks with some of this and make deviled eggs!


4 thoughts on “Jalapeno Greek Yogurt

    • Oh duh!!! Totally forgot to mention I put it on hard boiled eggs or use it with the yolks to make deviled eggs. Let me edit the post!

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