Smart Balance Spray

I recently discovered this stuff about a month or so ago. I love smart balance butter (regular or lite) so I figured, why not? It works really well (I mean REALLY well) on keeping stuff from sticking to the pan. It literally slides off. I also use it to spray any veggie that I’m going to roast with herbs and/or spices to get it to stick. It’s better than dumping a lot of olive oil on it, only because once I start pouring olive oil I always think, “Oh…well…maybe a little more” but this just sprays evenly and coats everything.

The only thing is that it has no calories if you spray for 1/3 of a second and I’m not quite sure how to count that out 🙂 Might have to get out my stop watch!


Smart balance also makes milk, mayo, butter and peanut butter. I used to buy their peanut butter (not sure why I stopped??) but now I just buy plain jane organic in bulk at Costco. I do use their butter and I have used it since my mom started buying it when I was in high school. It has Omega-3’s and is relatively low in calories (for butter) and tastes like the real thing.


3 thoughts on “Smart Balance Spray

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