My kids lunches

Ok, I’ll admit it. I absolutely hate making lunch. Breakfast is always a production and so is dinner, so I love it when we can just have dinner leftovers for lunch. Up until about a month ago, my lunches for my kids just sucked. I didn’t know what to make them other than some Annies Mac n’Cheese 🙂

So one day we went over to a friends house (she has two girls the same age gap but exactly a year older than both boys) and she pull two veggies, two fruits, PB&J sandwich and protein of some sorts whether from cheese or a hard boiled egg. She chops everything up into easy bite sized pieces and arranges onto the kids plates. Genius! And so simple. Stuff doesn’t need to “go together” just throw some finger foods on a plate and they are happy! The key is healthy choices and a rounded plates. Some days they’ll get a graham cracker or gold fish on their plate but not everyday. Then they either finish off with some cottage cheese or yogurt before we head up for nap (about 30 minutes after eating lunch). My friends kids and my kids are constantly hungry. You honestly wouldn’t think we ever fed them, so yes, they do need a snack 30 minutes after eating their lunch. I never have to make either of my kids finish their plate either, they both eat 90-95% of whats on there and most times, they eat it all. If not, I put it in the fridge and pull it out again when they are hungry later.

Cumber and banana were the first thing to go off my little guys plate. I love that he now says “na-na”!


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