Kirkland Organic Salsa

I swear, every time I go into Costco (once a week) they have a new organic item and it’s awesome! We are picky about our salsa’s and we usually go through 4 that we hate before we find one that we like. I really like fresh, restaurant style salsa. This tastes just like it but is a little thicker/pastier than fresh stuff you would get at a Mexican restaurant. Even though it says medium, it isn’t hot at all. And there is not another choice for spiciness at the moment, they just have medium.

My two favorite thing to do with salsa is put it on eggs of any sort. Second is taking cucumber and slicing it into rounds and using it instead of tortilla chips to dip into salsa. I started doing that to kick my habit of eating plan tortillas and salsa when I had a salsa craving. And you can would have to eat A LOT of it to even hit 100 calories. I usually have that in addition to something that is high in protein to fill up my stomach a bit more.


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