Shredded Cheese- On the Cheap

Costco has a lot of great prices on things but sometimes you think, “What in the world would we do with a 5 pound block of cheddar cheese?? It would go back before we ate it!” If you are one of my Mainer friends, I’m sure you can find similar things at Sam’s Club. Well, we do buy the 5 pound block of cheese. Cost break down:

5 pounds at Costco = $12.49 or $2.49/pound

1 pound at Winco = $5.99 or $5.99/pound (or even more expensive like $7+ per pound, this was the cheapest I could find)

The question still stands: what to do with 5 pounds?

Well this is what we do! We tend to use about 70% of the block grated for omelets or other things and the other 30% the kids just eat slices of or put it on sandwiches. I don’t know about you, but I absolutely hate grating cheese, especially off of a 5 lb block! This is why I make my husband do it 🙂 Also, we usually also grate too much or too little for what we need. So to solve that problem I busted out my Salad Shooter (given to me by my grandmother that she bought an estate sale) and put in the grating cone and go to town! I then put the cheese into gallon freezer ziploc bags and put it in the freezer and it’s ready to go when we need it. Once frozen it does kind of stick together, so I just throw drop it on the ground a few times to loosen it up.

It has solved our problem of the cheese getting dried out from sitting too long in the fridge or repeatedly having to grate cheese (equals more dishes to wash and always a mess to clean up). It also is cheaper than buying a big (or small) bag of grated cheese.


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