Daily Wrap Up

Today was a little bit of a bust on calories but before I started consciously trying to get protein into my diet I would have about 30 grams a day. Now I’m usually well over 160, yesterday was nearly 200! I also waited way too long for my afternoon snack, which I felt my “before dinner ravaging hunger” kick in at about 5.  I originally put 6 oz of grilled chicken on my plate but I absolutely could not finish it and I even pondered skipping my bedtime snack but I am sitting here shoving down a Chobani yogurt 🙂 The last two nights I have slept through the night for the first time in almost 3 years and I’m talking laying in bed for 4-5 hours before falling asleep and then waking up ever 20 minutes and eating everything I daydreamed about eating. Never waking up means I don’t eat 3+ times in a night. Not going to lie, two weeks ago I polished off an entire….ENTIRE…can of vanilla frosting. YIKES!

The past two days when my alarm has gone off at 4:13 am I am ready to go workout. Today was legs (squats, lunges, press, extensions, abductions, adductions, ect) followed by a 50 minute spin class with my favorite instructor, Mary, at 5:45. You know it was a good day when my legs shake as I take every step down the stairs from class.

Here is a breakdown of what I ate today (but switch breakfast and postworkout…well it doesn’t really matter, I ate them both at the same time)


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